Monday Snapshot – Daddy’s Girl

As I write this post, Lids is actually in her crib, ‘attempting’ to go down for her nap while shouting “Daddy!” “Daaa!” “Dada!!” hoping her Daddy will come rescue her from her nap (which is not going to happen… Daddy is working and she needs a nap!). Lids has always been so inlove with her Daddy and that continues still. Here are a few photos of them hanging out in the past week. The first one is in our back yard, lounging and playing on a Saturday afternoon, then the other two are down at the waterfront here in town where the humpback whales pass by every February so we were out whale watching as a family that day.gardenfruit whalewatching2 whalewatching


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15 responses

  1. These are wonderful pictures!! Sofia is a mama’s girl, I think. She’ll run for her dada when he gets home from work, but bedtime is impossible unless I do it myself. I love the snuggles, but I do wish Sofia was a bit more of a daddy’s girl! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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