Monday Snapshot – Beach Babe

Our daughter was born on a tropical island… minutes away from some of the world’s most spectacular beaches… beautiful, sandy beaches. Our daughter HATES sand. I am talking screaming, kicking, lifting her legs up over her head, fear of sand. And for this reason we almost never go to the beach.. and when we do, it is short and painful. Until this weekend, that is!!

On Saturday we went for lunch at a restaurant on the beach but sat in the inside area so that Lids didn’t have to touch or even get close to the sand she hates so much. On the way back we walked along the beach with Lids sitting way up on Daddy’s shoulders the whole time. A few metres from the end I asked Lids, “Do you want to walk?”, she said yes and wiggled to get down so we each took one of her hands and nervously placed her on to the sand… and… she walked!! Okay, she had shoes on at this point but this was still HUGE. We decided to walk on and go for a drink at another little restaurant which had kids’ sand toys and kids’ tables in the sand. Lids loved it!! She even took her own shoes off.. by choice! Then when it was time to go… she didn’t want to!! We took about a hundred photos out of shock and fear that this may be a one time thing but we sure hope not. So proud of our little beach babe!!! 🙂


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