Our ‘new’ house

I decided to snap a few photos of our (almost) finished house today / this evening and thought I would share, as promised.

Please ignore the unfinished parts of the house.. mainly our bedroom from what I am showing today. It is hard to know what is new without the before photos but I am not sure where I have those at the moment so basically just think, our room and Alidia’s rooms have about doubled in size, and then everything on the outside part of those brick arches used to be an outside deck area. We took out some doors, walls, windows and made that deck into part of the actual house since our living room area used to be TINY. Then we put wooden windows the whole way around.. no glass or screens (could put your hand right out), so still lots of air getting in.. plus they can open right up as possibly pictured in some of these. Oh and the kitchen used to end there at the brick arches too so now we took out the old counter top and got this new huge one that works as a counter in the kitchen then a bar/table area on the other side. Sooo handy. It is definitely one of my favourite parts.. although who am I kidding?! I love it all. So much more space!! Oh and don’t worry, we didn’t lose all of our outdoor living space. We have an outdoor living room just outside those doors by the kitchen. We have always had it but we have made a few changes to it as well… but it isn’t quite ready yet so I’ll post photos of that another day. Anyway.. here it is.. our ‘new’ home….

DSC00663 DSC00662 DSC00660 DSC00656 DSC00654 DSC00642 DSC00638 DSC00635 DSC00634 DSC00633 DSC00632

DSC00667 DSC00670 DSC00672