(Oops, this is a month late!)

Dear Liddie (as you call yourself),

You are TWO!!! I can’t believe it has been two years since that amazing night when you arrived into this world. Since that day you have taught me more than I ever imagined one little person could. You make your Daddy and I so happy every single day and we honestly feel like we are the luckiest people in the world to spend our lives with you. I am crazy about you kid.

A few months ago I talked about how you seemed to have hit the ‘terrible twos’ a bit early. Luckily, that stage has passed and right now, you are just this awesome little person. Okay okay, I am not saying that everything is perfect and easy all the time, but I am no fool so I don’t expect that from a two year old.

Your absolute favourite thing is dancing. Music and dancing. And let me tell you, girl, you have got moves!!! It must be the Dominican in you! 😉 We try to do some dancing everyday because you just love it so much. You still love Dora the Explorer but recently discovered Bubble Guppies on Netflix and love that too… especially the opening song, because well, it is pretty darn catchy. You also love babies (real ones and your dolls), our new chickens (you could go outside and ‘play’ with them all day!), jumping, doing things on your own (especially walking anywhere and everywhere instead of going in your stroller!) and your absolute favourite toy right now is your train set that you got from us from Christmas! You love that thing and can play for an hour or more all on your own.

A big change this month (actually two days before your birthday) was that you switched from your old daycare to… PRESCHOOL!! Our good friend runs the best preschool here in town and she offered for you to start early since you are fully potty trained. I was nervous because you are 6 months younger than the next youngest student and a year younger than most kids in your little class, but you are doing amazingly!! I really am so proud of you. It has already helped with your speech (especially colours, letters, numbers) and with your cleaning up skills in just the week and a half you have been going.

Speaking of speech, you are one bilingual little gal. You speak about 50% English and 50% Spanish, usually in the same sentence. You have started figuring out who speaks English and who speaks Spanish though so that is a big step. You always know to say either “Hi/Hello!” or “Hola!” depending on who you are greeting. You still don’t speak in long sentences.. usually just 2 words, sometimes 3, and rarely much more, but we aren’t worried because you understand EVERYTHING we say (like a crazy amount) and can communicate your wants and needs just fine.

You are still tiny. Seeing you at preschool reminds me just how tiny you are. Now that you are two, my guess is that you are just going to be a petite little thing forever, but there is nothing wrong with that… at all!! You are perfect. We haven’t been in for your 2 year check up yet but I’d say you are around 20lbs.. maybe 21lbs? We’ll see! You had a few weeks of quite good eating days but now back into mainly rough eating days. Still something we are constantly working on but I have learned not to let it stress me out nearly as much as it was and I really think that has helped you too.

Lids, you are one incredible little person. You almost always have a smile on your face and a giggle ready to burst out. You know how to make me laugh like no one else. I am so very very proud of the little girl you are becoming. This year will be a big year for you as you become a big sister in August. I believe this is a task that you will take on with absolute joy. You are so caring and helpful in other aspects of life so I am sure you will do the same for your little brother or sister. I can’t wait to watch you.

Happy 2nd Birthday my gorgeous girl!!

Lots of love,

Mummy (& Daddy) xoxo

And now a heap of photos..

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