This is three

Dear Lids,

My amazing, wild, clever, imaginative, naughty, sweet girl… you are three!! Three… the age that so many have warned me about! 😉

Right now, you are so many things.

You are bursting from the seams with imagination. You create stories of princesses and dragons inside purple castles. You lift your legs to avoid creeping crocodiles from snatching your toes. You run errands on your Dora tricycle to pick up ‘chocolate milk’ for yourself but never fail to get ‘beer’ for Daddy and ‘wine’ for Mummy while you are ‘out’. You create families amongst your ‘guys’ where a pony might be Mummy to a whale, or a train brothers with a pig. I could watch your mind create this tales all day long.

One of the biggest things that happened this year for you has also been one of the things that has made me as proud so far on this parenting journey. You became a big sister… and wow, girl, you were meant to ‘sister’ (can that be used as a verb? It can now!). (Other than one tough week which involved a few hits to the head) you have been the best big sister I could have imagined. If Ezzie cries, you are by her side with a toy or a pacifier or just a warm hug. If you can’t be there, you are calling to me or Daddy to fill your space. “Mummy! Ezzie is crying! She needs my help! My sister needs me!” Sweet words of “Don’t cry, sister!” “What’s wrong, Ezzie?” can be heard whenever you reach her side. When you aren’t soothing her cries, you are making her laugh and smile with your dances, silly faces and tickles. “Smiiiiiile!!! Give me a smile!!” And most recently, as Ezzie has grown more and more interested in toys and games, you play together. It gives me a glimpse into the amazing future that lies ahead for your sisterhood. You roll around together on the bed, holding hands and giggling, kissing toes, and blowing raspberries on tummies.. “My cheeky little girl”, you call her, as you hold her face in your hands…. and it gets me every. single. time. She is so lucky to have you, and you so lucky to have her. I’d be jealous of what you two have if I wasn’t the lucky one who gets to stand by and watch it all unfold.

You are growing and learning so much at school. You come home with a rating of ‘Sparkles’ almost everyday. Your teachers tell us that you listen well and do what you are asked (how can we achieve this at home, I am still trying to figure out). You tell us that your name starts with A, Ezzie’s with E, Mummy with M, Daddy with D, Papi with P, Nana with N, Lauren with L, Jude with J, Baby with B, Snake with S (hmmm, is this a sign you have accepted the ‘bedroom rafter-living snake’ as a family member?! I hope not.) and are adding to the list  of ‘starts withs’ everyday. You can point out letters and numbers in books and on signs wherever you go. You can ‘write your name’ if we agree that the ‘D’ isn’t all that important! 😉 You count in English and Spanish, switching between the two depending if it is counting animals in a book or preparing yourself to jump into the pool. You draw big beautiful faces with giant circle eyes, spiky hair and straight lined mouths. You have favourite colours that change almost daily, but red is usually a front runner since you know it is Daddy’s favourite football team, with purple and pink never far behind.

You swim and you run and you spin and you roll and you dance… oh yes, you dance. You dance like you some how managed to get Dominican blood in your veins. You shake your hips and throw your arms in the air, as you belt out the words to your favourite songs, which could be ‘Back in Black’ one minute and ‘Let It Go’ the next. You dance with your whole self.. and my gosh, it is a wonderful thing to watch. Keep it up girl… you’ve got rhythm I never had.

Some people are passionate about food. Always thinking of the next tasty thing they are going to eat or make, of what new ingredients they can add. You are not one of those people. Eating is still our biggest struggle, unfortunately, with no end in sight. Even your favourites of yogurt and peanut butter aren’t sure things. Some days you get by on a couple glasses of milk and a packet of crackers. However, this isn’t the place to dwell on it, as that is what our dinner table is for.. every single day. :/

You have a heart so big that it makes mine melt when you really let it shine. You give huge genuine hugs and look into people’s eyes with such gratitude when you want to say ‘Thank you’ for a new toy, special treat or just a kind gesture. If someone is hurt or upset, you are by their side, rubbing their back and assuring them “It is okay.”. Recently the cat got up on the counter and ate some of my dinner while I was nursing Ezzie. When I came out to get it, you just looked up at me and said, “Mummy, I am so sorry. The cat ate your dinner. I am sorry Mummy.” and you held me tightly until you knew I was okay (which I was 😉 ). You love your friends and speak of them often, remembering adventures you shared from months before. You love your family more than I knew a three year old even could, and have to fight back tears when you start missing those who live a plane ride away.

When you aren’t making our hearts melt and amazing us with your talents, you can usually be found in time out, or soon on you way there. No, you aren’t perfect. You are three. You test our limits almost daily by screaming in our faces, throwing your shoes outside minutes after we finally convinced you to put them on, kicking us on the couch as you shout, “Move! This is my space!” or of course, declaring, “It is too yucky for me!” whenever I place your dinner in front of you at the table, even if I made you exactly what you asked for. Some recent quotes have included, “Don’t look at me with that face!” “Go away Mummy. You are not my friend!” and “I am not talking to you!!” Again, I will say (to remind myself over and over… and over again), you are not perfect. You are three.

The past three years with you have been, without a doubt, my favourite years on this earth. They have been the busiest, craziest, funniest, happiest, most confusing, difficult, rewarding, three years imaginable. With your latest titles of big sister, threenager and preschooler, I am sure we are in for another amazingly tough and beautiful year ahead.

I love you for everything you are and I am so so proud of the person you have already become.

xoxo Mummy

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